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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

happy times, sad times, always together :D - part 1

~ sold ~

- this is only 25% of order from Izzah has completed. Hehehe
She ordered colorful and simple theme frames for her friends, maybe.
We hope you like the first one and the rest (still in progress hehe)


~ sold ~

TQVM Qistina for the order :D

- she ordered this for her beloved boyfriend. 
Hope he likes it!

Raya bookmarks

~ sold ~

TQVM Kak Ila for the order :D

- kak Ila will be leaving soon...
we will miss u :'(

card (single)

~ sold ~


- she ordered these cards for her students yang 
dapat 100 markah for Math test hehehe

Thursday, August 12, 2010


~ sold ~

TQVM kawan Izzah for the order! 

Mesti u punye boyfie sukeee :D

kad raye lagii

~ sold ~

TQVM kawan Izzah for ordering :D

We hope u like it! 

Friday, August 6, 2010

happy birthday kak Sue

~ sold ~

 TQVM again Nisa for ordering :D



~ sold ~

Took us up to 4 days to finish this order.
And yes, its very challenging.

TQVM for trusting us!!

ooo raya ooo

ready stock for izzah hehehehehe

duit raye ooo duit rayeee :P

lovey dovey frame

~ sold ~

TQVM kawan Izzah!!! :D