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Friday, July 30, 2010

frame lagi

~ sold ~

Kak Pah carik design ni suro kitorang buat..
tapi mesti laa tak same and lebih cantik kan?? Hehehehe

ohh sunny sunflower!

3 kuntum sunflower di hari jadi mu...

cheewahh!! :P

tulips border

Also with special envelope...

Yeay, tulips for Raya!!

roses bouquet

with special envelope too! :D

Kad Raye lagi

Flower motive for kad raya...

Nice ehh?


Ketupatss for this coming raya...

Envelope special tau! :D

Coming soon!

First time buat ready made for Amie keh keh keh

Will be uploading card by card... wahh kad raye order pun dah buat!!

Macam dah tak sabar nak beraye :P

Friday, July 23, 2010

ice cream, anyone?

~ sold ~

Ice cream felt key chain

The person ordered the keychain for 24pc.

Price - price valid for order more than 10pc :
With tag : RM3.00/ pc
Without tag : RM2.50/ pc

Hepi Belated Birthday Izzat

~ sold ~

TQVM Suria :)

p/s : Sori lambat upload this order sebab konon tak surprise lee 
orang tu nak bagi boyfriend die last2 lupe terus! Hahahaha

another Lion sleeps tonite....

~ sold ~

TQVM kak Pah

Order lagi yee kak Pah :)

Shawn the Sheep in Orange background :)

~ sold ~

TQVM kawan Amie yang order kat ni.. :)

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

to Qila

~ sold ~

TQVM kawan Amie :D

kalau suke boleh order lagi..heheh

Friday, July 16, 2010

to special someone

please email us to order.

** special envelope with extra cost :)

Kak Ila's Birthday

Some ideas for you guys on card orders.. 

get creative, like us!! :P

Please email us at totebaglove@yahoo.com to find out more :)

Would love to hear from you soon!